“I think the pricing is competitive and much cheaper than buying organic at the local grocery stores. I like that it’s locally grown and I thoroughly enjoyed the 
personal aspect of it. I loved the newsletters and how you shared information about you and your family. I enjoyed chatting with you when I stopped to pick up my vegetables. Its like we're friends”

shareholder comment - from 2011 season ending survey 
“Everything tasted GREAT! But I also really, really enjoyed the newsletters. They were educational, entertaining, and really enriched the experience of my food. I thought about the things that were written as I prepared my own recipes--it was really meaningful. I also thought the boxes were always really well-packed, and even on days when I couldn't get to my pick up until 1pm or so, it was still in great shape--fresh, ready to eat”.

“The ability to try new produce I would not normally cook or purchase and large quantities of those items we use frequently from the grocery store. (We loved all the fresh beets, lots of lettuce and other standard salad stuff, fresh tomatoes! herbs, fruit! potatoes, popcorn was fun too)”.

“I LOVED the newsletters and recipes. It was great to get to read about the person (&experiences) that was growing the food I was eating. Loved the occasional fruit surprises. Favorite vegetables: tomatoes, butter lettuce, sweet corn, all squash, potatoes, cucumbers, basil, cabbage, zucchini”.

“It's just a fun thing to do ... a way to feel good about the foods you're feeding your family and yourself, and a way to feel somewhat connected to the source of the food. It's a very good way to engage kids in their food sources too ... I bought some carrots this evening and my 5 year old daughter was disappointed they weren't purple ones from "the farmer".

”Nothing ever went wrong with the produce or 
newsletter. Communication was wonderful and the produce was delicious! Thank you for all of your hard work. Knowing where my food comes from gave me peace of mind for the summer. Having choices about what you consume these days is very hard, and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to be a part of Bob's Fresh & Local “.

”You're a wonderful grower and your selection of veggies was very good. The pick-up site at Tannins was so easy and they were very accommodating”.

I Just want to say thank you to all my shareholders who took a few moments to fill out the season ending survey. I wish I had room for all your comments.
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