“Dad would disc the patch of land we set aside for the garden and us kids would go out there and break up the chunks of dirt so mom and dad could start planting. We had kept some of the potatoes from last year in the root cellar, and we'd cut them up and plant them first, it was fun watching things sprout”.

Loraine Vierow -nee Brackmann - from  week 1 newsletter 2010 
“To seek out and save traditional farming 
practices and seed heritage through research, 
technique, and experiment; and to share that 
inherited knowledge with this and future 
generations, and of course provide earth’s 
bounty to you, our shareholders”, 

While listening to a classical radio station one of my favorite pieces of music came on, it was Vaughn Williams “ Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis”. As I was listening I was reminded of how he went into the English countryside at the turn of the 20th century and began to document traditional folksongs that were being lost to history. Traditional music at the time was passed on by oral means and that practice was coming to an end as the countryside was being abandoned for urban lifestyles.

The correlation is not lost on me as I watch the last of the “old time” farmers fade away and our farming heritage is quickly forgotten. Fortunately, as it was for Vaughn Williams, it’s not too late. With organizations like C.R.A.F.T. Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training, The Seed Savers Exchange, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, and The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) among others, we have an opportunity to learn and in some cases relearn what our ancestors knew about the land and the seed that fed them and the nation.

It is our goal at Bob’s fresh & local  to practice what has been handed down to me by oral tradition and re-education. I am very fortunate to have grown up on a farm in DuPage county and still remember the western portion of the county when it had dairy farms and open space. Our long term plans, within two to three years, include not only heirloom seed saving, but also land acquisition. Ultimately we want to not only share fresh and local produce with you; but share our farm as well. Our goal is to have a place of refuge for our shareholders, a place to come and visit, relax, help out. To have a farm of your own and a farmer you know, supplying fresh, locally grown food to your family.    
our mission
the vierow homestead near addison 
c. 1930’s
my dad is the kid on the far right
the brackmann homestead near glen ellyn c. 1950’s
my mon was born in the 
white frame house
the farm i grew up on in carol stream 
c. 1980’s 
i’m on top of the farm silo taking the photo