"The beauty of the Plains is like that of an icon; it does not give an inch to sentiment or romance. The flow of the land, with its odd twists and buttes, is like the flow of Gregorian chant that rises and falls beyond melody, beyond reason or human expectation, but perfectly". 
Kathleen Norris - Dakota: A Spiritual Geography
 Q. What do I do with my box if I go on vacation during the season?  For 2018 this is our vacation policy.
A. This is the number one question I’m asked. Usually a friend or family member picks up the box if you’re on vacation. The friend can keep it for you or you may elect to give it to them as a thank you. It becomes difficult for me to keep track of vacation requests all season long and invariably I’ll make a mistake and someone won’t get their box that week, a situation I want to avoid. That said, again this year I’m offering a one-time opportunity for you to receive 1 box of veggies for your vacation. This is how it works. You will give me at least a two-week notice that you’ll be on vacation, and I wont make your box on that week. Then, you'll need to email me when you want me to supply your vacation box make up. Your vacation box can be any week of the season you choose provided you give me at least a one week notice. No vacation make up boxes will be provided after week 20 of the 2018 season.

Q. In the newsletter you wrote we’ll have certain items in the box and then they weren’t there.
A. I write the newsletters on Tuesday afternoons and harvest all day on Wednesday’s (Thursday deliveries). I usually know what is going in the box on Tuesday based on field observations. What I can’t control is the weather, therefore it may be impossible to harvest certain items I planned on putting in any given box.

Q. I can’t seem to open the newsletter.
A. I make a PDF of all my newsletters; and maybe you need to update your Adobe Reader. You can download an update for free. I have an old version of Photoshop, which I use to create my newsletters; and then save as a PDF (I know I should be using Publisher). So I think a simple Adobe Reader update should do the trick.

Q. What’s in my box this week? 
A. The day before your pick up day I send a newsletter, which includes a section “What’s in your box”. If there’s room or there’s an unfamiliar vegetable in the box I’ll include a photo. 

Q. What do I do with my empty Box?
A.  Please save your box and bring it back on your next pick up day. I reuse the boxes all season; they’re waxed and should hold up for a year or two. Simply unfold the box after you empty it, it stores quite nicely flat. Return to your pick up location on pick up day and trade it for your new full box.
Frequently Asked Questions
April having a conversation with her new friends
Q. Are you organic?
A. The farm I grow the produce on is not certified organic. I do grow all the vegetables I produce using organic practice methods. What does that mean? I follow organic guidelines for growing and maintaining my vegetables. That is, I don’t use synthetic or 
non-organic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides in my fields. I use crop rotations, row covers, and 
old-fashioned methods to grow food. I want to ensure that the produce I supply is safe health, and delicious.

Q. Will I get recipes in the newsletters?   
A. Yes you will. Again this year I’ll have recipes that correspond to the items in each weeks box. I have a section known as "vegetating with Leslie", Leslie spends her Wednesday mornings helping out at the farm and her Tuesday evenings composing the recipe page for our newsletter. Leslie is a retired chef who loves to cook and share her favorite recipes.

Q. How do I sign up and pay?
A. At this time we only take check and sometimes cash, although cash is not recommended. Simply download a sign up sheet, fill out all applicable information, sign and return the sign up sheet and your check to the address listed on the form. I’ll let you know when I receive your paperwork.

Q. Where do I pick up my CSA vegetable box?
A. Please see delivery sites/contact us page for our 2018 delivery sites. I ask that everyone choose a delivery site at sign up. This will be the delivery site where you will pick up your csa box for the entire 2018 season. If you need to change locations before the season begins contact me and we can make that change.