“Local foods naturally help us adapt to the local environment, and in-season fruits and vegetables naturally help us adapt to the local climate and its rhythm. Such foods invariably have superior vitality and flavor. Eating in harmony with the seasons can be a point of departure for culinary creativity and discovery that are inherently  life-enriching”.

Steven McFadden - Farms of Tomorrow Revisited  
What is a CSA? 
A csa is an acronym which stands for community supported agriculture. Basically the community is you the shareholder, who support the farm, buy means of purchasing a share of the harvest. I the farmer, supply to you in season vegetables grown on the farm by me your personal farmer and my crew using organic practices. Our delivery season begins in mid June and continues through the end of October. By joining this CSA your helping support my family and our environment. Along with other small family CSA farmers in the area we are in the process of rebuilding the local food system that once fed Chicagoland, and can again. Thank you for your support. 

This is how it works:

1.You sign up for a share of the harvest in winter or early spring by picking a share plan that works for your family, see sign up tab for share plan options. Print form and fill out all appropriate information and send along with your check to address on sign up form. Also, l ask everyone to officially pick a delivery location for your pick up during the season. I ask that you keep that delivery/pick up location for the entire season mainly so I don’t bring the wrong amount of boxes to any given location, which can happen if I allow changes during the season

2.After signing up for a share of the harvest I’ll send a notification of receipt along with some information of what to expect next via email.

3.You’ll receive two pre-season newsletters, sent to you again, via email where I’ll update you on farm news and other pertinent information regarding the season and when to expect your first box of the season. Expect a winter newsletter in late January and another newsletter in early May.  

4.Once the season begins I’ll send you via email a weekly newsletter the day before your pick up day. For instance, if you pick up on Thursday’s I’ll send the newsletter to you by early afternoon on Wednesday.

5.Pick up your box on your scheduled day based on the plan you signed up for; and in subsequent weeks bring back your empty CSA box.

6.Check out our F.A.Q. page for info. regarding our vacation week make up policy.    

7.        Enjoy fresh & local  food!  

about our csa
september produce waiting to be boxed
kohlrabi and carrots
one of the six varieties of potatoes we grow 
 these have just been harvested